Video Testimonial 4

“Doctor is easy to talk to, made me feel very comfortable. He is very knowledgeable & friendly. Will continue to use this practice.”

“Staff always very nice and helpful. Dr. J. is a wonderful doctor and always treats me with the best care and spends time answering any questions I may have. It’s great to have a doctor that is so kind and respectful of his patients.”

“Relaxed, easy, personable, like no other OB/GYN office I’ve ever visited. I recommend Cheaha Women’s Health & Wellness to everyone I get the chance to.”

“It is obvious Dr. J cares about his patients. He takes the time to get to know us. HE is very educated and shares his knowledge to help patients make informed decisions. His staff is very friendly and understanding. Could not be happier with his services. ”

“Friendly and professional. He really cares about his patients. The staff is all great! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! ”

“Always enjoy my doctor’s appointments! Very relaxed but informative. ”

“Dr J is great. Very satisfied with the service of him & Tiawanna. ”

“No one like’s going to any OBGYN at first, It’s scary. But what’s more scary is not going at all!
Dr. Joshua Johannson was my OBGYN for twelve years, not because of his looks, or age I didn’t even pay attention to any of that. When we met I still had to see four other OBGYN’S to get a feel of who I felt most comfortable with, who I felt listen to me as a person. I picked him to be my primary OBGYN for so many reason’s. He let me talk, he ask question’s, he is caring and everything was always in the best interest of me and my children (3) If I was carring. He cares about his patients, never once did I walk into the room and felt anything but comfortable. He is the best Doctor I ever had, anyone to have Dr. Joshua Johannson as there OBGYN is lucky!”

“I am so grateful to have met Dr. Johanson at a moment in my life where happiness and sorrow collided all too fast. I have to say that I am very familiar with a Dr. who’s simply doing his job and one that cares. One of the qualities that I most appreciated from Dr. Johanson was his patients. I was always able to ask anything (Lord knows there’s not one shy bone in my body)and he always made time to sit down with me and give me the pros and cons. Time and time again I felt that I was not just talking with my OBGYN, but a friend. His looks…..icing on the cake.”

“Dr. Johannson will be sorely missed here. He was one of the few holistically thinking, flexible in approach, “listening to women” doctors in Philadelphia. He was my “go to” doctor for information and guidance as a doula when medical issues were at hand. I was always sure to get an answer that was sensible and of a good medical and research base. He is a believer and a huge supporter of natural birth, and supportive of women going for that goal without imposing interventions that are not medically necessary.”