Me and Cos

Caught up by the Cos

Bill Cosby got me! One day I looked up, saw the parallels in my life and realized he got me. See, I loved his comedy and the Cosby Show growing up. Who didn’t? I even loved the pudding pop commercials. I was intrigued by his image of a Black middle-class family that was foreign to my world. Thursday night was Cosby night.

So I was listening to Fatherhood again (hilarious stand up) when I realized how much more I appreciate that whole routine. Because I live it. Then it hit me. I live it!

I am an African-American male obstetrician. Just like (the fictional) Cos. I married a beautiful and accomplished African-American woman. Just Like Cos. We have four children. I know, not quite 5, but close to Cos. The one boy and the rest are girls. Just like Cos.

But, I realize he duped me. Because I’m working my tail off. Not like (the fictional) Cos. He delivered 2 babies during the whole first season!

But I still love you Cosby!