Prenatal/Obstetric Care

We provide quality and personalized prenatal care and births. We treat every woman as an individual. With you and in partnership with your family, we will develop your own birth plan, that incorporates your individual desires and health needs. On the important day of your child’s birth, you will be cared for by a doctor and health professionals you know and trust.


Vaginal delivery after Cesarean Section (VBAC) is a choice for many women who have had 1 or 2 cesareans in the past. Have a consult before or during your pregnancy to discuss your options with a physician who is experienced with many successful VBAC’s.

Natural Labor

Many women travel to birth with us because of our experience and support of women who desire natural birth. We have birth tubs for labor, encourage freedom of movement and birth position and often use doulas for support.  In addition the resources of a hospital are readily available to respond to emergencies or the unexpected in a timely manner.


Parents have many reasons they choose circumcision for their newborn sons, but they all want it to be attractive and to minimize pain.  Dr. Johannson is very experienced with circumcision and performs them in hospital after birth or 1 week later in the office. Patients must pre-register and sign consent forms prior to scheduling in-office procedures. Please contact our office at 256-241-0885 if you have any questions.