Natural Family Planning

We are pleased to announce that we are offering courses in Natural Family Planning- a safe, healthy, and effective way to manage your fertility.

The Marquette Method utilizes the Clearblue Fertility Monitor to track your fertility biomarkers through a simple, at-home urine test. This is an evidenced-based method that,  when used properly, is up to 99% effective at avoiding pregnancy. It can also be used to maximize the possibility of conception and is a great tool for understanding your reproductive health.

Our Natural Family Planning program begins with an introductory course, followed by a course for your individual circumstance (PCOS, postpartum breastfeeding, perimenopause, discontinuing birth control, post-miscarriage, etc.) with individual follow up consultation for 12 months, or as needed.

Ask your provider for more details at your next visit, or call the office at 256-241-0885.