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Testimonial 6

“Dr Johannson I’m so sad to hear you relocated i guess I’ll have to come to Alabama for my yearly annual.. This is to your patients in Anniston, Dr Johannson is the most amazing, best bed side manner of a doctor ever, you are all very lucky…. I wish you nothing but the best to […]

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Testimonial 5

“Dr. Johannson, you broke my heart when I got the letter from Penn about your departure and I may have cried a bit that you won’t be here for my next baby. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing support you were for both my husband and myself during my pregnancy. My birth

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Testimonial 3

“Although I prefer female Dr.’s overall, I was won over by Dr. Johannson’s warm personality. Overall, I felt very well taken care of by the staff and my follow up appointment was timely and informative. I’d certainly recommend Dr. Johannson to friends and family. ”

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Testimonial 2

“I have been seeing Dr. Johansson for years. There are 14 doctors in my family. I know a good doctor when I meet one and I am VERY happy to have Dr. Johansson. He gives me the straight and complete story immediately and does not hesitate to explain the pros and cons of each medication

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