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Testimonial 16

“I was facing a very tough decision weather to have my fibroids removed so that I can have children. I was extremely nervous because I knew of the dangerous risk in having the surgery n dangerous risk on not having the surgery. When I first met Dr. Johannson, his warm n funny personality made me […]

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Testimonial 14

“Dr. Johannson is one of the most compassionate, knowlegable, and current OB/GYNS. Being acquainted with him has re-newed my faith not only in the medical profession, but in humanity as a whole. One of the last doctors left who cares more about the patients needs and health, then about the amount of money returned to

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Testimonial 9

“‎5 years ago I sat in your office in Philadelphia and you had to deliver some bad news to me….3years ago today you helped make my childhhod dream of becoming a mommy possible. I will forever be grateful to have had you as my doctor. My little miracle baby lights up my life everyday and

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Testimonial 7

“Hey Dr johannson you will truly be missed by so many patients out there I am sad that you left.You were the best Doctor out there you were down to earth funny and kind.No doctor can take your place you were my favorite.I wish you all the luck in Alabama but wish and hope that

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