On the receiving end

Sometimes, it’s a good thing for a doctor to be on the other side and be the receiver of care. Recently, a family member needed surgery, and it gave me the opportunity to reflect on how we treat patients in their challenging times. I am happy to report that it was a good experience.

A few observations:
Hospital and medical care has its processes and rhythms-it’s very helpful when staff anticipate and explain these processes. That made it much better.
You interact with so many different medical personnel! Everyone we interacted with was pleasant and did a nice job of putting us at ease. We sometimes underestimate how being pleasant and considerate can make things better.
It’s good to remember that no matter what medical staff do, you are a little scared, disoriented, and inconvenienced. We must be patient with people.
It is always good to remember that a “small” procedure in our view (medical folk) is a big deal to the person on the receiving end.