Procedures to avoid when pregnant

An interesting article by Consumer Reports does a good job of describing procedures that low-risk pregnant women should try to avoid.

Although I agree with many points of the article, I generally do not like that these kinds of articles have a tendency to demonize OB/GYNs. All of us do not practice this way (Take me, for example.).  Also many who practice this way have been taught and believe that these procedures are not harmful to low-risk pregnant women and that this is the “safest” way to practice.  The whole argument that “they are harming you to make money thing” is unfounded.  Some may do these procedures for the reason I previously stated, some for fear of litigation (It’s easy to ridicule doctors about now wanting to be sued when you’re not on the line daily.), fear of a bad outcome (You can get PTSD practicing OB.), convenience (on the part of patients-who exert pressure to do some of the listed procedures- and doctors), and some feel the evidence supports these procedures. Yet, very, very few OB/GYNs are as nefarious as the writers portray.