Patient Testimonials

Below are testimonials from patients cared for by Dr Johannson:

Birth Story

“Our journey began with a prayer.”


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“Honest and clear in explanations. Always calls to check up when I have been hospitalized as well as seeing me. Great Doc.  ”

“I have been seeing Dr. Johansson for years. There are 14 doctors in my family. I know a good doctor when I meet one and I am VERY happy to have Dr. Johansson. He gives me the straight and complete story immediately and does not hesitate to explain the pros and cons of each medication or treatment. He is polite, correct and current in his field. He is never condescending. I would and have recommended him to friends and family. He is a fine doctor. S.S.H. ”

“Although I prefer female Dr.’s overall, I was won over by Dr. Johannson’s warm personality. Overall, I felt very well taken care of by the staff and my follow up appointment was timely and informative. I’d certainly recommend Dr. Johannson to friends and family. ”

“I’m so sad that Dr. Johannson is leaving Philadelphia. He was incredibly supportive during my most recent pregnancy. He will be a great benefit to women and moms-to-be in Alabama!”

“Dr. Johannson, you broke my heart when I got the letter from Penn about your departure and I may have cried a bit that you won’t be here for my next baby. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing support you were for both my husband and myself during my pregnancy. My birth experience was everything I dreamed of and I appreciate how well you listened to me throughout every step of the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best of luck to you in Alabama!”

“Dr Johannson I’m so sad to hear you relocated i guess I’ll have to come to Alabama for my yearly annual.. This is to your patients in Anniston, Dr Johannson is the most amazing, best bed side manner of a doctor ever, you are all very lucky…. I wish you nothing but the best to you & family, stay in touch I will truly miss you! HANDS DOWN THE BEST DOC EVER!”

“Hey Dr johannson you will truly be missed by so many patients out there I am sad that you left.You were the best Doctor out there you were down to earth funny and kind.No doctor can take your place you were my favorite.I wish you all the luck in Alabama but wish and hope that you come back to us.”


“‎5 years ago I sat in your office in Philadelphia and you had to deliver some bad news to me….3years ago today you helped make my childhhod dream of becoming a mommy possible. I will forever be grateful to have had you as my doctor. My little miracle baby lights up my life everyday and I have you to thank for it. You were always so caring and genuine..i always knew you had my best interests in mind and you were giving me all you had to help my dreams alive. I’m going to miss you and ill never be able to thank you enough….you are an AMAZING doctor and I hope Alabama knows how lucky they are to have you!”

“Dr. Johannson was an amazing provider. He was very attentive and worked hard at resolving the issues of his patients. He took his time and made sure you were clear before you left the office. If I could travel to Alabama I would!
Caring and compassionate!!!!!!”

“Dr. Joshua johannson, is one of the best doctors’ I ever had. he always make sure every thing is ok with me. I met him seven years ago and he has been my doctor ever since. it will be hard for some one to fit his shoes. he is really a great person. ”

“Dr. Joshua johannson, Is by far the best OB/GYN I have ever met. He was my OB/GYN for “ELEVN YEAR’S”He care’s about each and everyone of his patients as if we are his family. No one will ever be as great to me as he was, and I will never find a better Doctor! If I could rate him past four stars he would recive one-hundred.”

Compassionate, attentive and super caring. Spends adequate time with patients and has an excellent bedside manner. I would follow this doctor anywhere! ”

“Dr. Johannson is one of the most compassionate, knowlegable, and current OB/GYNS. Being acquainted with him has re-newed my faith not only in the medical profession, but in humanity as a whole. One of the last doctors left who cares more about the patients needs and health, then about the amount of money returned to his pocket. I have witnessed him do many procedures pro-bono, and that’s not mentioning his humanitarian work in Africa. He is an amazing human being and an even better doctor and anyone under his care should consider themselves extremely lucky!!”

“Dr. Johannson, is my lifesaver! I was under his care for 8 yrs. and was blessed to have a caring intelligent and warm Doctor. I will always be thankful to you for petforming my surgery with skill, talent and care.  ”

“I was facing a very tough decision weather to have my fibroids removed so that I can have children. I was extremely nervous because I knew of the dangerous risk in having the surgery n dangerous risk on not having the surgery. When I first met Dr. Johannson, his warm n funny personality made me feel real confortable with him. He was very kind, compassionate, helpful, honest n patient which for me is a plus since I always ask alot of questions. He didnt pressure me to have the surgery,he just gave me all the facts and let me decide. I liked that because I was nervous enough. The surgery was a success,praise the Lord. While I was in the hospital, he followed up with me everyday because he realy cares about the health of his patients and his bedside manners were great. Hes the best.”

“Dr. Johannson will be sorely missed here.  He was one of the few holistically thinking, flexible in approach, “listening to women” doctors in Philadelphia.  He was my “go to” doctor for information and guidance as a doula when medical issues were at hand.  I was always sure to get an answer that was sensible and of a good medical and research base.  He is a believer and a huge supporter of natural birth, and supportive of women going for that goal without imposing interventions that are not medically necessary.”

“I am so grateful to have met Dr. Johanson at a moment in my life where happiness and sorrow collided all too fast. I have to say that I am very familiar with a Dr. who’s simply doing his job and one that cares. One of the qualities that I most appreciated from Dr. Johanson was his patients. I was always able to ask anything (Lord knows there’s not one shy bone in my body)and he always made time to sit down with me and give me the pros and cons. Time and time again I felt that I was not just talking with my OBGYN, but a friend. His looks…..icing on the cake.”

“No one like’s going to any OBGYN at first, It’s scary. But what’s more scary is not going at all!
Dr. Joshua Johannson was my OBGYN for twelve years, not because of his looks, or age I didn’t even pay attention to any of that. When we met I still had to see four other OBGYN’S to get a feel of who I felt most comfortable with, who I felt listen to me as a person. I picked him to be my primary OBGYN for so many reason’s. He let me talk, he ask question’s, he is caring and everything was always in the best interest of me and my children (3) If I was carring. He cares about his patients, never once did I walk into the room and felt anything but comfortable. He is the best Doctor I ever had, anyone to have Dr. Joshua Johannson as there OBGYN is lucky!”

“Dr J is great. Very satisfied with the service of him & Tiawanna. ”

“Always enjoy my doctor’s appointments! Very relaxed but informative. ”

“Friendly and professional. He really cares about his patients. The staff is all great! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! ”

“It is obvious Dr. J cares about his patients. He takes the time to get to know us. HE is very educated and shares his knowledge to help patients make informed decisions. His staff is very friendly and understanding. Could not be happier with his services. ”

“Relaxed, easy, personable, like no other OB/GYN office I’ve ever visited. I recommend Cheaha Women’s Health & Wellness to everyone I get the chance to.”

“Staff always very nice and helpful. Dr. J. is a wonderful doctor and always treats me with the best care and spends time answering any questions I may have. It’s great to have a doctor that is so kind and respectful of his patients.”

“Doctor is easy to talk to, made me feel very comfortable. He is very knowledgeable & friendly. Will continue to use this practice.”